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Олимпийский комитет России

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спорту и туризму
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The second competition day of the Third International WTF Taekwondo Tournament RUSSIA OPEN at Traktor Arena in Chelyabinsk ended with 10 sets of medals, 5 of them contested in Seniors’ and 5 – in Juniors’ programs. The Russian Team’s medal tally features 6 gold, 7 silver and 17 bronze awards (each weight division has 2 bronze medallists).


The -54 kg final was the most exciting among all Senior men’s categories, when Stanislav Denisov from Rostov in a close fight won his gold medal.


 Nikita Korotkov secured a solid victory over his teammate Kirill Kamaletdinov in the -74 kg Senior men’s final with the score of 14:6.


In the Juniors’ Female category Aleksandra Anciferova, a member of the Russian Juniors’ National Team from Chelyabinsk, yielded the gold medal to Anisiia Chelokhsaeva from Vladikavkaz – 3:5. The -59 kg Juniors’ Chelyabinsk final – Liliya Shadyeva vs Elizaveta Volkova ended in a tie 4:4 in regular time and went on till “the golden point” was earned by Elizaveta Volkova.


Suvi Mikkonen (-53 kg Seniors’ Female) from Finland, Nikita Glasnovic (-57 kg Seniors’ Female) from Sweden and Maksim Rafalovich (-80 kg Seniors’ Male) from Uzbekistan added their gold medals to the national teams’ collections.


 More challenging fights are expected tomorrow at the Third International WTF Taekwondo Tournament RUSSIA OPEN at Traktor Arena. Women will contest for the medals in Seniors’ categories: 62 kg, 67 kg and over 73 kg. Spectators will have an opportunity to see the World Champion Olga Ivanova and the Junior World Champion Aleksandra Potapova in action. Men will fight for the medals in Seniors’ categories of 87 kg and over 87 kg. Juniors’ Male contests feature 51, 55, 59, 63 and 68 kg categories. Juniors’ Female contestants will fight for the victory in 46 kg and 49 kg categories.

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